Transportation: Beijing to build world’s busiest airport image

Beijing is to build a new airport at the cost of around $15 billion, which will replace America’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as the busiest airport in the world, the Chinese media reported Sunday.

The airport will have nine runways and will occupy an area of 2,680 hectares.

Located in Daxing, 46 km south of Tiananmen Square, Beijing’s political centre, construction is due to be completed in October 2017.

The airport, yet to be named, will cover an area of 2,680 hectares, the online edition of Beijing Youth Daily said, quoting an unidentified airline executive.

The Chinese government formulated the plan as Beijing Capital International Airport can no longer accommodate the increasing number of passengers and cargo.

This will be the third civil airport in Beijing, following the Nanyuan Airport and the Beijing International Airport, which houses Terminal three, the largest building in the world.

The present airport handled about 74 million passengers annually close to its capacity.