Transportation: Calif.-Las Vegas X Train Made for Fun image

The Las Vegas Railway Express is about to add a peculiar train to its portfolio, called the X Train.

If you thought that Las Vegas doesn’t have enough places to have fun, maybe you should go to a party in a … train. But not just any train, but the luxurious X Train, fitted with two ultra lounges, recliners and big screen TVs. The papers with the Union Pacific Railroad have been already signed, and soon you will have the opportunity to party on wheels.

“The whole idea is when you get on a train, you feel like you’re in Las Vegas,” said Michael Barron, president and CEO of the $100 million venture that hopes to launch its maiden voyage on New Year’s Eve 2013. “It’s essentially a nightclub on wheels.”

It’s been a while since officials try to bring into effect the XpressWest project, which proposes a high-speed train to connect South California to Las Vegas. But the project is too expensive and it requires setting new tracks. So the X Train proposal came just on time. It calls for an Amtrak crew aboard a 576-passenger train, it will run at standard speeds, on traditional tracks and will start in Fullerton, Calif. and end in Las Vegas.

Only adults will be allowed in this train and tickets will cost $99 each way, including a meal and one beverage.