Transportation: Lufthansa Apologizes for the Friday Strike Disruption image

German airline Lufthansa is apologizing for the expected disruption on Friday, due to the 24-hour walkout by flight attendants.

The airline has posted on its website an announcement according to which almost 1, 000 from the total of 1, 800 flights will be cancelled on Friday due to a 24-hour strike by cabin crew, over better job protection and pay issues. As the negotiations between the company and the UFO have failed, a mediator will be called to help the two parties reach a compromise.

Lufthansa has cancelled 50 more flights before the beginning of the strikes and the company’s spokesman Andreas Bartels said that it is too late to avoid the economic losses that will follow Friday’s strike. A total of 1,200 Friday flights have been cancelled.

“We regret this very much and apologize for it. We consider this strike disproportionate,” said the company.

Other 350 flights have been cancelled on Tuesday due to several-hour walkouts by Lufthansa employees in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. The company’s refused offer was a 3.5% salary increase in exchange of longer working hours. Currently Lufthansa is in the middle of a 1.5 billion euro ($1.9 billion) cost-cutting programme trying to reduce fuel costs and competition from the low-cost carriers.