Transportation: Lufthansa Cancels Flights Due to Strikes in Frankfurt image

Lufthansa airline cancelled today, August 4th, 190 flights at the Frankfurt airport due to another round of strikes by cabin crew over pay and conditions issues.

The company announced that only a few of the long-distance flights will be affected, and about a half of the short and medium-distance flights. The strikes began on Friday and initially Lufthansa believed that this will affect only 64 flights, but soon it reached around 200 cancellations, which means a loss of millions of euro and 26,000 passengers left to find flights at other airline companies.

UFO, the German cabin crew union, announced workers will strike in Frankfurt from 0400-1200 GMT, in the Tegel airport, Berlin, from 0300-1100 GMT and Lufthansa’s employees will go on strike in Munich from 1100-2000 GMT. The union requests include a 5% wage increase and guarantees against temporary workers and outsourcing.

Lufthansa didn’t say how many flights it believes will be affected in Munich and Berlin, but announced it will offer a 3.5% salary increase in exchange of longer working hours. Currently the company is in the middle of a 1.5 billion euro ($1.9 billion) cost-cutting programme trying to reduce fuel costs and competition from the low-cost carriers. The union announced it will continue the strike until the company improves its offer.