Transportation: Siberia plane crash kills 32 of 43 on board [VIDEO] image

A passenger plane operated by UTair crashed in Siberia shortly after taking off Monday morning, killing thirty-two people.

Twelve passengers are in critical condition in hospitals in Tyumen after being evacuated by helicopter from the crash site. One man is said to have died in transit.

The ministry’s regional branch in Tyumen later said that a 12th survivor was in a village hospital and revised the death toll downward to 31.

The aircraft went down on a snowy field outside Tyumen, a major regional center in Siberia. The cause of the crash was not yet clear.

“There are no explanations yet,” Yuri Alekhin, head of the regional branch of the Emergencies Ministry, told Russian television from the scene of the crash.

He said the “black box” flight recorder had been found and added: “Contact was lost with the plane just over three minutes after take-off.”

The Russian emergencies ministry has published a complete list of the dead and injured, all of whom appear to be Russian, correspondents say.

The crash marks the first disaster that Putin will have to deal with following his March 4 re-election and underscores the difficulties Russia has faced in updating its Soviet-era infrastructure.