Transportation:Delta Fined $1M for Delaying Repairs to Aircraft image

The US regulators gave Delta Air Lines a $1 million fine for failing to perform repairs on two aircraft.

Delta Air Lines made 20 flights with a Boeing 737 which had a chip in its nose cone. The airline was notified about this problem by a Federal Aviation Administration inspector on February 25th, 2010. Between May 25th, 2010 and January 3rd, 2011, Delta also made 884 flights with an Airbus SAS A320 that had a broken cockpit light. According to Federal Aviation Administration airlines have 10 days to defer such repairs.

According to a May 25th document, the FAA inspector saw the damaged nose cone in San Antonio right before the plane’s departure to Atlanta. The damage was so deep that the underlying fiberglass was visible. The airline’s maintenance crews said they didn’t have to repair the chip, in fact the inspectors concluded that they failed to spot the damage.

The fine for this issue is $687,500 and another $300,000 fine was given in a separate case when Delta failed to repair a light in the cockpit over the co-pilot’s seat. The company had seven months to solve this issue.