Trashed by Top Gear, defective BMW M3 sedan is sold without noticing new owner image

Remember BBC’s Top Gear? That incredible show that had us all wanting to be drivers of marvelous cars in the most serene places around the world?

Well that’s the ideal case, since having a show that covers cars can actually be pretty grueling – at least for the cars, which in all honesty are the most beloved pieces of metal on Earth (ok, boats and planes too). But by the way, this time around we don’t have a great story about the show that has been watched faithfully by millions of people and ended up after a conundrum involving the well-known temperamental Jeremy Clarkson, the Top Gear producer and some course language and violence. Never mind that, we all know the story. But let’s talk now about Rob Willis, a guy in his late 20s that delivered 50,000 pounds ($75,860) to a dealership in Kent, UK to go home with what should have been a wonderful BMW M3 Sedan.

Well it turned out the vehicle had all sorts of issues with the steering, brakes and such – and around a month since the purchase was completed he was watching an older Top Gear episode with his betrothed when she said the car Jeremy Clarkson was trashing around was wearing the same license plates. Going back to the dealer he found out it was true and was given a 330d as a replacement and some “freebies.” Doesn’t sound like a great deal to us…but we’re not the ones to have been in danger. “It’s outrageous, I have an eight-year-old daughter and three young nephews whose lives have been risked,” commented Rob. Oh well, it’s not the first car Top gear messed up… though we all loved it when we watched from afar.

Note: The M3 Sedan pictured is not the actual car from the news reel. 

  • scottmicciche

    “all sorts of issues with the steering, brakes and such” – so what was broken? This article would be so much better with some real information.

  • Mike Stephenson

    I keep seeing this story. How exactly did they “trash” the car by doing some tests and tracking it? Did he even test drive it? Maby it’s a lemon? This guy bought a race car, and he’s upset he has race car problems?