TRD develops new 2013 Toyota Auris Modellista tuning kit image

The new generation of the Toyota Auris has just received its second tuning kit signed by TRD, which has been inspired from the Gundam robots cartoons.

After Toyota’s in-house tuner TRD has pulled the wraps off the the 2013 model year hatchback is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with a new upgrade package. TRD says that the 2013 Toyota Auris Modellista has been inspired by the Gundam robots cartoons, and the tuning package has been named after a character of the animated series, Char Aznable.

The new Japanese hatchback is coming with an apron for the front spoiler, repositioned LED lights, new side skirts, a new engine hood, a roof spoiler, a rear diffuser and four exhaust pipes. The look is finished by a red color for the body and a carbon fiber copy for the roof. The rims couldn’t be left aside and the Auris in question is getting large 18-inch in size. The TRD Auris Modellista is also getting an upgraded suspension system which is lowering the ride height. Additional details on the Auris Modellista are limited for the moment.

Source: Car Scoop