Tricky mileage comparisons could heat up as the new Ford F-150 closes in on dealerships image

Pickup truck buyers usually love statistics – how much horsepower, torque, bed or towing capacity, so there’s no surprise the clients that have deferred the purchase of a new model eagerly await EPA’s ratings that should come out this month.

And people are now fixated on the fuel economy of the new 2015 F-150 because of the extensive hype around its aluminum body that shaved 700 pounds off the comparable 2014 model year F-150. But there are considerations to be made – just as various tests are now emerging from automotive publications and websites. They offer a glimpse into what the model can offer but they don’t use the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards (by all means, they could be more accurate and akin to real-world usage). But the test cars offer various configurations, the engines have been changed or upgraded and for starters the 2014 F-150 was one of the heaviest trucks in the segment.

While Ford says that gains would range from 5 to 20% (depending on configuration) over the outgoing model, the best rated F-150 probably won’t match what Chrysler’s Ram 1500 EcoDiesel offers – Ford has kept its gasoline engine lot and its rival opted for an European-sourced diesel powerplant. The new engines – two of them carry over and the other two are completely fresh – offer more “bang for buck”, thanks to increased power and towing abilities.

Via Forbes