Truck Collides With Train in California, 30 Injured Images/Video image

Monday, October 1st, a tractor-trailer truck collided with an Amtrak passenger train in California.

The accident took place on Monday afternoon in California’s Central Valley, when a tractor-trailer carrying cotton trash hit the Amtrak train which was carrying around 169 passengers. The locomotive and two passenger cars were pushed off the tracks, injuring almost 30 passengers.

Edmund Sanders was a passenger in that train in one of the middle cars and said he took the train because he missed a Greyhound bus from Fresno to his home in Los Angeles.

“Right after it happened I see all these people with a terrified look on their faces, all trying to get to the front of the train. I tried as best I could to try and calm people down and help them get off that train. I really think that God has his hands on that train today,” he said.

After the collision the train travelled for about 600 feet before it hit a switchback and derailed. Officials have not yet determined the cause of the accident, which occurred at a crossing that was equipped with gates to stop traffic. Some of the injuries suffered by the passengers included bruises, bumps, scrapes and broken bones, 13 of them being taken to the Adventist Medical Center in Hanford.