Union workers declared that they have reached a tentative agreement with TRW, ending the two days strike at the New York plant.

TRW officials admitted that they have reached a tentative deal with union workers on Wednesday, May 9th and that employees are expected to vote it on Thursday, May 10th. On Tuesday morning, May 8th, 150 employees of the International Chemical Workers Union Council went on strike at the TRW plant in Auburn accusing the company of corporate greed.

TRW wanted to change shifts to either three 12-hour days or four 10-hour days on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and hire temporary, non-union workers. What made the Union angrier is the agreement made 3 years ago according to which workers agreed to a pay cut of $0.93 an hour and losing some vacation days, hoping that things would get better. A plant worker earns around $12 per hour.

TRW has operations in 26 countries and has over 600,000 employees in the entire world. In 2011 the company reported sales of $16.2 billion, but its report for the latest quarter shows profit margins have declined. The TRW plant in Auburn produces tire pressure sensors and remote locks for the auto industry.


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