Tuning for the masses – Smart ForTwo Tank image

We always said that passion for cars has no limit and combined with enough money to make a new project and with a sharp mind everything is possible. This is the case here with this Smart ForTwo transformed into a tank-wanna-be by some Germans, as the number plates show us.

Not much is known about this unique project except that access to the interior is made through the sunroof because the doors have been welded. Rumors on the internet say that the steering is made just like in a normal tank, by changing the speed of each tack, with a special gearbox that clearly doesn’t exist in a size small enough for the ForTwo.

The unique Smart ForTwo also has a radio antenna, a hatch on the front and some side containers for the ammunition, as well as the army-like green, brown and black paint, so we assume that its owner is probably preparing to invade France or Austria.

As you can see from the image, the ForTwo has a German number plate so the car might actually be road legal, but considering that the picture was taken probably on a field, that number plate could be just a joke.

We are curious what would the pedestrian impact test at Euro NCAP would be for this ForTwo and how could someone block its wheels after the owner parked on the handicapped place at the local supermarket.