Turbine powered Batmobile for sale image

We saw the first turbine-powered Batmobile a while ago from the 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton but fans of the Superhero can actually buy it. And it’s that incredible sound of the turbine that makes you want to spend all your money.

The Batmobile presented a 29-year-old racecar builder, but the best thing about it is its engine, an ex-military Boeing turboshaft helicopter engine, developing 365 horsepower.

The unique replica of the Batmobile has a fully independent cockpit-adjustable suspension, tubular space/monocoque chassis with fiberglass and aluminum bodywork.

Even if doesn’t sound like too much power considering that it’s equipped with a turbine engine, the Batmobile can happily run on jet fuel, kerosene or even diesel.

The Batmobile replica made by Putsch Racing is for sale on eBay with 379.669 British pounds. A lot of money for a car which I’m not even sure if it’s road legal, but then again, how many of your friends have a turbine engine powered car in their garages?