Accelerated Performance has recently revealed a turbocharged Subaru BRZ which is getting an extra 78 horsepower.

After the Japanese based automaker Subaru has announced that there will be no turbo or four-wheel drive version of the BRZ variant, many were disappointed, but now you can order a turbocharged version of the sports car thanks to Accelerated Performance. The owner of the tuning company has experimented with his own Subaru BRZ and managed to develop a turbo kit for the 2.0 liter engine which is pushing the total output to 78 horsepower, to a total of 278 HP and 215 lb-ft of torque. Accelerate Performance is offering the turbo kit for $5,000 and a larger turbo kit should hit the market soon.

As a quick reminder, the stock Subaru BRZ is coming with features like the push-button start, dual-zone air conditioning, keyless entry, cruise control, electrically folding mirrors, leather gearlever, leather handbrake, ESP, iPod connectivity, six-speaker steror system, torque-sensing limited slip differential and 17-inch alloy wheels. Under the hood, the model is powered by the same engine as the Toyota GT 86 or the Scion FR-S, the 2.0 liter four-cylinder unit, which is producing 200 HP, sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission in standard or a six-speed automatic as optional.


  1. The kit doesn't add 78hp, it adds 117 wheel hp: the 278 figure is hp at the wheels, of which the stock BR-z only puts out 161. So it's a 117whp gain, or about a 150 crank hp gain (Subaru's 200hp figure is crank hp — this car puts about about 350hp under that measure).

    • Your math and your facts are pretty dumb. 200hp at the crank stock (bhp) + 78 hp at the crank = 278 at the crank = ~244.64 at the wheels.

      How the hell did you get 350 from anywhere? Even if 278 was from the wheels, you still wouldn't get more than 320 from the crank.


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