One of the best ways to maximize efficiency of traditional internal combustion engines is to lower capacity and supplement the power and torque with a turbo system – leading to the sector’s spectacular growth in recent years.

Honeywell Transportation Systems, the No. 1 global supplier of turbocharger systems has around 34 percent of the worldwide market – and the company predicts it would see its quota climbing even higher as the performance-increasing, CO2-reducing systems are widely sought in the two largest markets of the planet – China and the US. Terrence Hahn, the chief executive officer of the Switzerland-based Honeywell business division says that while the overall European market has essentially reached a plateau, there are positive signs for a slight uptick this year. Otherwise, the biggest increases are forecasted to come from China and the United States.

Hahn further predicts that by 2019 the global demand for turbocharged new vehicles will reach annual sales of 49 million vehicles – amounting to around 43% of the overall worldwide market, significantly growing from just 31% in 2013. In Europe, where the quota is already significantly higher then elsewhere, the growth will be a modest one, from a 67% market share to 69 percent in 2019. Honeywell, essentially the inventor of the turbo system from the technology standpoint has the advantage of innovation, of a huge research and development network and that of a global footprint – being present in the seven main areas of the auto industry: Europe, North America, China, Korea, Japan, India and South America.

Via Automotive News Europe


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