Turkey: Ford’s local unit forced to stop production again image

The local Turkish division of Ford has again halted production of vehicles at one of its manufacturing facilities after a week-long labor clash was reignited, just days after the company managed to restart production at another Turkish factory.

Turkey is a major automotive production hub for European automakers, being especially key in terms of production of automotive parts, and the auto industry has been rattled by the recent flair of labor dispute in parts of the country, which paralyzed vehicle and parts production last week. Ford Otosan, the local Turkish unit of the second largest US automaker, said late Monday it had decided to cease production at Inonu Plant as a precaution after part of the workforce decided to enter a strike and were unwilling to leave the manufacturing facility. “Manufacturing operations at our Inonu Plant have been temporarily suspended until further notice,” read the statement. The clash over working conditions in the industry and payments were ignited last week at facilities clustered in the northwest city of Bursa and then spread to some of the parts producers in the area, the central hub of Turkish automotive production.

The labor dispute was started because last month union Turk Metal earned a deal for a 60 percent surge for the salaries of workers at factories belonging to parts producer Bosch Fren, but was not reflected after that anywhere else at automakers or parts producers.

Via Reuters