TVR teases its upcoming new supercar image

The exotic supercar manufacturer has decided the London Motor Show is the perfect venue to start teasing its all new supercar model – rumored to get the Griffith moniker.

The reported nameplate is coming from the company’s heritage, having been used prior on models from the 1960s and the 1990s and now TVR is finally showcasing the first styling ideas of the much-anticipated all new model. The new supercar should hit dealerships sometimes late next year, with eager fans already ordering almost 400 units. The famous return to the Griffith name is also anticipated and the model is set to bring under the hood a Cosworth V8 specifically tuned for big mid-range torque and a power of at least 400 bhp. This, complimented by the lightweight construction, will enable a sprint time of no more than four seconds to 60 mph (96 km/h), pricing reportedly starting from around £65,000.

According to TVR owner Les Edgar at launch a special edition will be offered with a price in the “sub-£100,000″ area and the executive also confirmed plans to later on deploy a convertible – with the development taking from the start into account the open top version. Using Gordon Murray’s innovative carbonfibre manufacturing process titled iStream Carbon, a complete mule with a realistic depiction of the car’s weight already exists, and we know it will tip the scales at around 1150kg. During the London Motor Show the brand’s display includes a full-size clay model – which is kept covered and the make also released an image of the car’s side profile, together with a sketch of the front.

Via Autocar

TVR teases its upcoming new supercar 1