TVR to start building cars from 2018 at a new plant in Wales image

The British sports car company announced it would build a new factory in Wales, set to start the production process in 2018.

Even if the new TVR sport car has not been revealed yet, the British automaker has decided on a site for its new plant. The confirmation came on Tuesday from the Welsh first minister, who said the government signed a deal with the company, for TVR to start building a new facility next month next to the Circuit of Wales. The factory, located at Ebbw Vale -25 miles north of Newport, is scheduled to open in 2018 and represents an investment of 30 million pounds (42.5 million dollars) over the next five years, which will also create 150 jobs in the local area.

“This is yet another fantastic high profile investment for Wales and a great boost for our automotive sector,” the first minister said. “TVR is another iconic and much loved, world-class brand that still commands a strong and loyal international following. I am delighted the next generation of TVRs will proudly bear the label Made in Wales.”

There are not many details known about the forthcoming new Tesla model, only that the chassis will benefit from Gordon Murray’s iStream Carbo technology and the power will come from a V8 Cosworth engine, as company chairman Les Edgar revealed back in December. TVR said it planned to make 250 units in the first year of production, targeting to hit the peak output of around 2,000 cars per year in 2022.

Via Autocar