Two fatalities, three injuries after gruesome crash at Nurburgring image

An older Honda Civic EG hatchback was out of control during a public driving session on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, with the accident taking place at the Kesselchen section.

There is even horrifying footage of the aftermath of the crash after German regional news outletSüdwestrundfunk published it and we could see the track was a little moist on Saturday during one of the well known touristenfahrten session, which could be one of the causes of the incredible wreck. Unfortunately, the accident led to the demise of the two persons inside the Civic – the driver and passenger obviously couldn’t have survived such a wreck. Two of the other three persons injured were track marshals responding to another accident, a minor one, which arrived in an Opel Zafira safety car to provide assistance. Reports claim the third injured person is the person of the car that had the first accident there.

As reports attest, the corner where the unfortunate and saddening crash occurred is about 2 kilometers away from the closest remote-controlled warning light. And many drivers are usually not very patient with these slow down lights and throttle their cars more than safety allows. Most likely, the Civic saw the warning light but the driver became impatient and was speeding at the time of the accident in a section where he should have dampened the track prowess. And combined with the wet track, we can see how people should really value their lives more and obey the safety regulations – in place exactly to safeguard them.