Two luxury cars crash – damage reaches $200,000 image

A Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG and an Audi R8, involved in a high-speed crash in West Vancouver, Canada, were the driver of the luxury sedan rear-ended the sports car.

Even if the cars were actually not totaled, the estimated damage on both is worth around $200,000 – which is very much even for the segment they are both involved with. But then again, owning a premium car is all about image and expenses, so we shouldn’t be surprised in the end.

The driver at fault was the 48-year-old man in the powerful executive sedan, who according to eye witnesses lost control of the car after speeding and recklessly passing other vehicles. He rear-ended the unsuspecting driver of the R8, a lady who was later taken to hospital because of neck pain.

Looking at the pictures, we could all judge the total estimated worth is exaggerated – the Mercedes (a 2014 model, worth around $140,000) seems to have suffered most from the encounter. But, besides judging repair prices of luxury cars, we should also note that the Mercedes driver had two young children in the back seats, aged nine and five. Fortunately, both boys were unharmed. We should note that the punitive measures against the S63 driver – a 30-day administrative driving prohibition – seem few when taking into account that two young lives were in danger.