Two Skoda SUVs to be launched soon image

The Czech based automaker Skoda is planning to develop two more SUVs which should hit the market in the nearby future.

According to the car manufacturer, a Skoda SUV will be based on the current Volkswagen Touareg and a smaller one will be placed in the lineup below the Yeti, as a possible MPV. Adding these two new vehicles into its lineup is part of Skoda’s strategy to present a new model every six months, as the automaker announced at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and, besides this, more customers will be attracted into the brand with the help of the two future models.

“There are several volume segments we are not currently in. We’re discussing both directions at the moment (MPV and SUV): personally I prefer SUVs. There’s certainly space in the range for two SUVs, one bigger and one smaller than the Yeti. Whatever models we bring, they have to be compatible with our international markets, India, China and Russia”, as the company’s technical director, Eckhard Scholz, told

Even if developing the two new SUVs is almost official, the company didn’t say when the models will hit the market, but they are expected to be launched in the next couple of years. More details on the two future Skoda SUVs will be announced close to their launch.