Tyre Labeling Website Guide Launched image

The Tyre Industry Federation (TIF) has released a new practical guide about the new tyre labeling laws.

According to the new tyre labeling laws that came into effect beginning July 1st, new tyres are labeled according to three key performance criteria. The practical guide can be downloaded for free from the TIF website, that has been developed in collaboration with the Department For Transport. The website helps retailers and workshops comply with the new laws, and was created as an authoritative and definitive guide on the topic.

“Tyre labelling is undoubtedly one of the biggest changes to impact on our industry in recent times,” explains David Seward, chairman, TIF. “For consumers, it will help them make a more informed choice about tyre purchases. Meanwhile for retailers there are a number of key issues they must understand and address. As a result of our extensive industry consultation, this guide is designed to help retailers meet these obligations and requirements.”

From July 1st all new tyres produced for Europe will be labeled according to their performance following three criteria: wet grip, fuel efficiency and external noise emissions. From November 1st consumers will receive this information from the retailers, which until then have to train their staff, to handle data and make the required preparations for the rightful application of this law.