Tyre maker Pirelli to invest GBP9m in its Carlisle facility in UK image

Pirelli, an Italian tyre manufacturer is in plans to make an investment of GBP9m for upgrading its Carlisle tyres manufacturing facility located in Cumbria in United Kingdom.

Earlier, due to the job losses, the Carlisle facility was in great threat of shutting down, bringing the loss of demands for its tyres.

This new investment indicates availability of additional machinery that would be used to improve productivity, eventually helpful to secure the existing jobs in the company. If Pirelli passes green signal for GBP11.4m investment in all its UK facilities as it is planning then expect the company to create additional 34 new jobs after saving 120 existing jobs.

As per what Pirelli has said in its statement, it is still not confirmed as in whether there would be additional job creation or not, but at least it will manage to save its staff by further increasing the confidence and job security during recession. In fact, the company ensures in protecting other staff who are involved into its supply chain.