U.S.A. – Volkswagen Eos Final Edition announced image

Volkswagen has officially announced the new Eos Final Edition for the 2015 lineup in the United States.

The German based automaker Volkswagen will be soon introducing the so-called Eos Final Edition in the United States, where the model in question will be getting several upgrades which should help it stand out from a crowd. The new Volkswagen Eos Final Edition will actually be a “final edition” as the company is planning to discontinue the model as this will be entering its final year of production.

“For the last production year of the Eos, the Sport trim is replaced for 2015 with the Final Edition”, as the carmaker is stating in its official press release.

According to the car manufacturer, the new Volkswagen Eos Fnal Edition will be based on the sport trim and it will be adding several interesting features, such as the silver net interior trim, the Cornsilk Beige black two-tone Vienna leather seating surfaces, the contrast stitching, the rearview camera, the automatic windshield wipers and the 18-inch Vicenza wheels, amongst others. More details on the new Volkswagen Eos Final Edition, including its price list, are limited for the moment, and will probably be announced over the following weeks.