U.S. dealership sells cars for $1 on Black Friday image

A Toyota dealership in the United States will sell three used cars for just 1 dollar on Black Friday, in a marketing attempt to attract more buyers.

Thanksgiving Day is mainly for stuffing yourselves with turkeys and being back home for a few hours, but for most Americans, this day also means checking out the Black Friday deals, in search for huge sales. A dealership in the United States is taking advantage of the Black Friday once again and it will sell three used cars for just $1,00. This is a simple marketing strategy in order to attract more buyers.

The Toyota dealership in question has turned to this scheme in the past too but if you don’t get to buy a vehicle for just one dollar, don’t despair, because the Sterling McCall Toyota will also cut down the prices to approximately 180 to 200 cars. This year, the dealership will be offering 10 models for less than 1,000 USD, 50 units below 10,000 USD and the three already mentioned cars for 1 dollar. Think you’re lucky enough to buy the 1-dollar car? Well, if you do, please mail us your story and the “adventures” you went through for buying it.