U.S.: Ford Focus Electric receives discounts because of slow sales image

The North American based automaker Ford has recently announced huge discounts for the Focus Electric vehicles because of the models’ slow sales.

According to the car manufacturer, the Ford Focus Electric is now available at 37,995 USD, compared to the original price of 39,995 USD, on cash sales, and it has a 10,750 USD discount on “Red Carpet leases” for delivery by the 1st of April, 2013. Ford also says that the payment for a 36-montlease with 10,500 miles annually, has now dropped from 350 USD to just 285 USD and customers will also get a 1.9 percent financing rate if the car is bought through Ford Motor Credit.

“We certainly are not in a situation where we have to completely discount but we do have to respond to competitive pressures and we’re not anywhere close to where Nissan has gone with the Leaf”, said Wes Sherwood, a Ford spokesman.

The drastic price cut n the Ford Focus Electric in the United States has been taken after the carmaker has seen slow sales on the model. In 2012, Ford has produced 1,627 units of the Focus Electric but out of these, only 685 units have managed to find new owners.

Source: Ford