U.S. sales of crossover-coupes are still going down image

Not falling in line as crossovers, wagons, hatchbacks or five-door coupes, the new wave of down sloping roof line SUVs are quite hard to categorize – but it also appears they are hard to sell, despite carmakers praising them.

Sales of five of the six models in the segment – the Infiniti FX/QX70, Acura ZDX, Toyota Venza, Honda Crosstour, BMW X6 and BMW 5-series GT – hit rock bottom in a big way in September. Year-on-year drops last month ranged from 39% to 80% and most were also down sharply for the entire period of first nine months.

These crossover-coupes were thought as design statements, but styling has been hugely controversial for many of them. And dealers say poor rear visibility, awkward ingress and egress, and limited back-seat headroom and legroom count among the reasons that have turned off shoppers.

In a rather stark contrast, sales for the luxury-crossover segment were off just 4% for September and up 10% for the first nine months. Sales of all crossover vehicles were flat for September, but rose 15% for the period to date.

For example, Acura, with its ZDX coupe-like brother to the MDX only achieved a sales peak of 3,259 units in 2010, and it ultimately decided to kill off the model at the end of the 2013 model year. The same goes for BMW’s X6, with a planned production of 40,000 units a year and the US as a sales leader – that didn’t happen either, with deliveries of 6,749 units in the United States last year.

Via Automotive News