UANI Puts Pressure on Peugeot to Stop Activity in Iran image

On Wednesday, March 28th, the United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) organization requested Peugeot to cease its activity in Iran.

“By doing business directly with the Iranian regime, Peugeot strengthens the capacity [of Tehran] to develop an illegal nuclear weapons plan, support terrorism and punish the Iranian people,” Mark Wallace, Director of UANI, said about the French group.

UANI also requested GM to put pressure on Peugeot and force it to end its activities in the country, where the company is the leading provider of automotive spare parts. Wallace declared that IKCO Khodro Group, Peugeot’s local partner, is controlled by the Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guards. UANI asks the U.S. Congress to begin an investigation on the Peugeot-GM alliance and its business in this country, since the U.S. laws forbid American citizens to do business with the Iranian body.

For its part, GM said it had consulted its French ally. “We noticed that they had decided to suspend production and shipment of equipment to Iran some time ago, before we signed our agreement with them, and we decided to maintain this suspension,” said General Motors in a statement.

GM declared that they obeyed the U.S. rules concerning the trade with Iran, and the same did Peugeot, whose activities were undertaken according to the European and international regulations in force. UANI is a well known lobby group who tries to convince companies worldwide to stop trading with Iran.