UAW – anti-union dispute escalates on VW Tennessee plant vote result image

As the US agency in charge with managing labor disputes has allowed anti-UAW workers defend the outcome of the vote that saw last month the UAW declined representation rights.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided to allow two groups of anti-union workers to enter the election dispute by awarding them formal roles of legal parties – with the UAW heavily criticizing the decision.

The UAW contends they are “masquerading as legitimate worker representatives. It is an outrage that their allies, who refused to reveal their funding sources and who openly republished the illicit threats in the media and among the Volkswagen workforce, will now be allowed to participate in the NLRB hearing, ” said the union in a statement.

Two of the groups that fought an arduous campaign prior to the election, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation and Southern Momentum, are supporting the anti-union workers. The UAW formally requested the NLRB to undo the result of the vote, in which the union lost the right to represent the workers from Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant in a close 712-626 vote. The union motivated its request by saying outside anti-union groups and politicians influenced the workers decision. 

Via Reuters