UAW says Mercedes should allow Alabama plant workers talk unionization image

The automotive union in the US announced it would seek to pressure local executives of the Mercedes-Benz assembly facility in Alabama to allow workers to discuss their intentions to set up a local union while inside the factory.

The news comes just as the National Labor Relations Board said the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International has to write off an employee handbook prohibition to discuss unionization efforts while in the plant and not on work hours. Mercedes-Benz issued a statement later on the same day, claiming unionization was left at the latitude of their team members, remaining neutral in the case and that “regarding rules for solicitation” an older version of the employee handbook “has been addressed in the 2014 handbook recently distributed to team members.”

So far, just as is the case with another plant that the UAW has been hard at work to gain a foothold and unionize workers – VW’s Chattanooga, Tennessee factory – the Alabama facility is Daimler’s only plant worldwide that lacks any form of employee representation. The assembly unit has around 2,500 full-time and 1,000 temporary workers. The UAW has been fighting in recent years to earn the right to organize workers in the US South, traditionally a region that disregards unions.

Via Automotive News Europe