While in February the auto union lost a ballot to gather the support of workers to unionize them, the UAW is not giving up on Chattanooga’s Volkswagen plant and the years invested into making a beachhead into the US South.

The United Auto Workers union announced that it decided to set up a new local union in Tennessee – and workers from the Chattanooga Volkswagen AG manufacturing facility can voluntarily adhere to it.

The union makes the move – as for a year since the date of the vote it’s not allowed to call for another ballot – as it mulls to gain back leverage in its years of failed attempts to organize foreign automotive plants – the majority of them located in the US South – traditionally against organized labor.

“Earlier this year, the UAW was gratified to earn the confidence and support of many Volkswagen team members,” UAW President Dennis Williams said in a statement. “At that time, we said we would not give up on these committed and hard-working employees. We’re keeping our promise,” he added.

The newly established UAW Local 42 would allow the VW workers to enter Volkswagen’s German-style works council, a form of management present around the world in the automaker’s factories – and one that allows the presence of both blue- and white-collar employees.

Via Reuters


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