UAW union bid backed by VW labor chief image

Volkswagen’s top labor leader sided with U.S. union UAW, which strives to represent workers at the German company’s US plant, which fueled critics from some US politicians and other UAW detractors.

As we all remember, Volkswagen strives for German-style labor representation at the Tennessee facility, but needs to set up a works council and is in discussions with the UAW about how the union can be involved. The UAW also wants to improve membership, after it lost 75% of the 1.5 million workers it had in 1979, and get a succeed in its stride to unionize all foreign-owned auto companies.

However, Tennessee Republican Bob Corker was quoted by German newspaper Handelsblatt on Monday as saying it would be one of VW’s “biggest mistakes” to allow the UAW’s into the Chattanooga plant.

Now, Bernd Osterloh, head of VW’s global works council, said in a statement that forming a council was key if the plant wanted to produce other VW cars and he would keep assisting ongoing negotiations with the UAW. Osterloh also added the VW principle of involving both staff and management in running daily operations at its manufacturing facilities, called co-determination, was not negotiable.

Via Reuters