Uber CEO starts touring Europe to win support image

Travis Kalanick, the chief executive officer of Uber Technologies, the well-known San Francisco-based car-sharing service company, has embarked on a hard journey to win the favor of mayors from Munich to Madrid.

In Europe the ride-hailing provider should create even more jobs and further reduce traffic jams by allowing people to leave their own cars at home and Kalanick announced that Uber would negotiate numerous partnerships with European municipalities in 2015. He added that by allowing the company to further connect with governments and cities could bring another 50,000 jobs – while the company drives forward in its attempt to surpass mounting regulatory pressure. “We want to make 2015 the year where we establish partnerships with new European cities,” Kalanick said during a Munich conference.

The startup, valuated last year at more than $40 billion, has been driving an unprecedented expansion around the globe, but actions from cabbies, associations, municipalities and regulators have also mounted – threatening to put at an early end the growth prospects. Europe, one of the biggest and most varied transportation markets could prove key to surmount the challenges. Just recently, last month for example Spain denied the country’s right to seek clients in the country, while legal conundrums led to bans of the services provided by the company in several US states, as well as India or Germany. Just last week came the latest issue, as the European Union’s highest court disallowed the use of bus lanes in London for non-traditional cabs. Uber has continuously adjusted its services and business model to continue to operate in some of the countries – even allowing riders to seek taxis instead of their own cars.

Via Bloomberg