Uber could face trouble in Hungary image

Pressure on Uber is growing, as more governments around the world are tightening the regulations to support the traditional taxi companies.

There are more and more protests around the world against car-sharing companies, as traditional taxi services are trying to limit the expansion of Uber-like applications. Governments are also responding to these protests by tightening the regulations to eliminate the “unfair” competition. And now, the “unlicensed chauffeurs” are being chased by the police to be fined for breaking the rules. Hungary’s lawmakers are also considering a move to get rid of the black taxi market, as they want to ban the smart applications through which customers are picked up. “The government backs cab drivers, who provide their services and pay taxes in line with regulations,” the Development Ministry said to Bloomberg. The police have already started imposing fines of as much as 800,000 forint (around 2,900 dollars) on drivers who didn’t meet “personal and technical” requirements, he said. Hungary’s government promised to toughen the rules after the taxi drivers protested last month in the country’s capital Budapest against Uber Technologies.

The drivers argue that they have to charge more for a ride, as they are forced to make extra investments in their cars, while Uber chauffeurs are not exposed to such expenses. Other rigorous regulations proposed by the Hungarian government include allowing police to take off the number plates of those who do not follow the rules and banning their cars from circulation, the ministry said.

Via Bloomberg