Uber gets German temporary injunction lifted in court image

The controversial online transportation service Uber has been granted the lifting of a temporary ban by a Frankfurt judge – allowing the Silicon Valley startup to contine operating across Germany.

According to Frankfurt Regional Court Judge Frowin Kurth, the case brought against the ride-sharing company need a full court hearing, but as they lacked a sense of urgency, he lifted the temporary injunction that was imposed on the service two weeks ago.

“There could still be grounds for an injunction” Kurth said. “But during our deliberations it became clear there were no grounds for an immediate injunction.”

“The taxi industry accepts competitors who comply with the law. Uber does not. That is why we are announcing today that we will go immediately to appeal,” commented Taxi Deutschland.

“Germans want to be able to share their cars, so this is a real step in the right direction,” replied Uber Germany spokesman Fabien Nestmann.

The company, just four years old, allows users of its smartphone application to for taxi-like services, but taxi drivers and their unions across the world have protested, claiming the service is unsafe and skips the legal procedures that can see a taxi license cost as much as 200,000 euros.

Via Reuters