Uber gives us the recruiting and training game image

Want to know if you have what it takes to make it in the hard business of car-sharing as a driver – there’s a cheap and practical solution out there – Uber’s own mobile game designed to make you want to be one of their drivers and train the folks that already work for them.

It’s called UberDRIVE and it calls on players to see how it feels a “day in the life” of an Uber driver. The main disadvantage – role playing is never as good as real-life experience and nearly nowhere as profitable. The idea behind the game is that has been designed with a goal in mind – it acts as a learning experience, in which players use a real city map (at the moment only San Francisco, US) and get points based on how efficient they plan their routs to passenger destinations. The game is also educative – it shares interesting things about city landmarks, and also incorporates a trivia mode in which players have to point out certain destinations to riders – maybe in a bid to have the real Uber drivers more pleasant and conversational.

Picking up the game could make you want to become a real Uber driver – passengers encourage you to become an actual driver and you can also see how money works – because every fare shows how much you would collect in real life. The company says it primarily designed the game with two target audiences: current Uber drivers looking to lift their navigational prowess and potential drivers Uber might want to recruit.

Via Forbes