Uber Technologies Inc. – at the forefront of the next-generation car-sharing services – is hitting a global snag, with a mounting pileup of regulatory and legal issues that almost exploded this week.

The provider of the world-famous mobile application that allows users to summon a car to share a ride – in a challenge to the traditional taxi and limousine transportation system – has been challenged from India to its home base of California. Just yesterday the tech company was hit wit a district attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco lawsuit on alleged false assurances to customers when it comes to drivers being thoroughly scrutinized. And that was just following a ban from a judge in Spain that forbid the operation of the mobile app in the country.

At the beginning of the week, the city of Portland, Oregon, also sued Uber because it claims it was in violation of local laws, Rio de Janeiro declared the service illegal and in Europe the Netherlands also banned the ride-sharing service UberPop. The service provider is now even faced with criminal accusations. In the New Delhi capital of India, on the eve of the anniversary of a gang and murder rape in a bus, the service was suspended after one of the Uber drivers was accused of raping his client.

Via Bloomberg


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