Uber plans to start its UberX service in Berlin in June image

The San Francisco-based ride-hailing company is preparing to launch its service which uses licensed professional drivers next month in Germany’s capital.

The ride-hailing company has currently some serious issues in expanding its business throughout Germany, following a last year court ban which does not allow Uber to use its services without licensed cab drivers. Therefore, the company has been forced to offer UberX and UberBlack with drivers that hold a passenger transport license. But it failed so far to find as many pro drivers as needed, and it shut down its services in many German cities. However, Uber plans to give it one more try. “We are planning to start UberX in Berlin in June,” Uber’s Germany chief Christian Freese told to Welt am Sonntag weekly. He also said he wanted to bring UberPool to Germany, a service which allows several users to share one vehicle to cut down on their portion of the fare, but it would also breach the local passenger transport laws.

The San Francisco-based company also faces some trouble in its homeland as well, as it said it would shut down its Austin operations on the morning of May 9. This move comes after the residents supported through voting a proposal from the local authorities which would impose fingerprint background checks for drivers. Uber’s rival Lyft also announced it would halt services starting on Monday, May 9. Both companies spent more than 8 million dollars to repeal the city ordinance, but voters backed it up over the weekend by a margin of 56 to 44 percent.

Via Reuters