Uber threatened with restriction in Hungary image

After some of the ride-sharing company’s services have been blocked in several countries around Europe, the Hungarian authorities also plan to limit Uber’s activities.

Pressure on Uber is growing in Europe, as there are more and more protests against car-sharing companies, coming mostly from traditional taxi services that are trying to limit the expansion of Uber-like applications. And following such pressures, more and more governments are tightening regulations to eliminate the “unfair” competition. Hungary has just passed a law which will allow the national communications authority to block the internet access to “illegal dispatcher services” if other protective measures prove to be ineffective, Reuters reports. All this scrutiny is aimed towards the firm’s UberPop app, which allows anyone with a car and driver’s license to be part of the service.

So far, it has been banned in Italy, Spain, Germany and France, while it faces the same outcome in Belgium and the Netherlands. Based on accusations of conducting illegal taxi operations that disturbed the transport system and triggering protests that led to a public disorder, a French court imposed last week an 800,000-euro-fine (900,000 dollars) on Uber. The company has been forced to operate in these countries only through professional licensed drivers. Uber currently has 150,000 Hungarian users and 1,200 drivers and the new legislation, which does not mention Uber by name, is due to come into effect in 31 days.

Via Reuters