The latest report published by ACEA shows that February demand for new commercial vehicles dropped in all major markets, translating in an overall decline of 11.3% in the EU.

France saw a fall of 3.2%, Germany 6.9%, the UK 16.6%, Spain 24.4% and Italy 29.8%. A total of 126,010 new vehicles were registered in February, the EU recording 267,111 new commercial vehicles (7.9% less compared to the same period last year).

The number of registered vans in February was 103,720, down 12.1% compared to 2011, with Germany down 3.4%, France 4.0%, Spain 25.2%, the UK 26.4% and Italy 30.1%. For January and February new van registrations decreased by 9.2% in the EU, totaling 217,891 units, with Germany being the only one with slightly increased sales of 0.8%, while France was down 3.4%, the UK 20.3, Spain 22.8 and Italy 31.5.

What concerns the heavy truck sales, they also declined by 9.8% in February, totaling 15,211 units. France and the UK were up with 1.0% and 18.5% respectively, while Spain, Germany and Italy were down with 15.9%, 17.1% and 25.3%. In January and February, new heavy truck registrations declined by 2.5% in the EU, totaling 34,206 units.

Truck registrations fell by 8.2% in the EU, to a total of 20,312 units, with France up 4.5%, the UK up 24.5%, Germany down 15.6%, Spain down 17.3% and Italy down 27.6%. In total, the EU registered 44,811 new trucks from January to February, or 1.8% less than in the same period in 2011.

New bus and coach registrations grew by 2.5% in the EU, with the UK up 91.8% and Germany 13.1% in February, while France, Italy and Spain fell with 7.3%, 29.7% and 53.7. Overall demand in the EU fell by 1.2% during that period.


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