UEFA Euro 2016 is on its way, what models should the teams drive? image

Among the questions you never thought of asking comes the one querying what sort of cars would the national teams participating in the ongoing UEFA Euro 2016 have in front of their hotels.

No less than 24 national teams from Europe are battling their way to continental supremacy these days, with bookies now taking people’s money to see who gets the big pot. We can safely assume just five or six teams actually have the biggest chance – but we still hope that smaller nations such as Iceland or Romania might even get the shot to the title. Because we have to treat every event from an automotive perspective, somebody came up with the idea of getting cars dressed up in the national livery.

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Because even those who like to work something out when they should just relax and sip a beer while cheering for their favorite team still don’t like to work everything out, there are only ten nationals selected for this exercise no one asked for. In some cases the process was fairly easy – Spain, Romania, the Czech Republic or Russia only have one national producer to choose from. In other cases – such as Germany or the UK – controversy might easily arise. But then again, who is going to argue with their choices since no one asked them to come up with them in the first place?

Via carwow.co.uk