UK’s Worst Traffic Accident: At Least 7 Die, 51 Injured [VIDEO] image

This could possibly become the worst ever accident in UK, after seven people were killed and 51 injured, police said Saturday.

The 34-vehicle crash in wet and foggy conditions on the M5 motorway in southwest England involved explosions, and cars and tractor trailers burning “literally to the ground,” Assistant Chief Constable Anthony Bangham told reporters.

Assistant Chief Constable Anthony Bangham said some people were trapped in their burning cars and that a number of vehicles had been incinerated.

Police are still counting the death toll from the crash, which happened at about 8.25pm on Friday night.

Explosions rattled windows in nearby houses and the fireball was visible a mile away.

“There must have been 200 meters-worth of fire – plumes of smoke were going up and everything was red,” said Bev Davis, who heard the explosions from her home close to the motorway.

The motorway remains closed between junctions 24 and 25. The highway will not be reopened until Sunday at the earliest, police said.