Volkswagen UK announced on Wednesday that about 1.2 million vehicles have been sold in the United Kingdom and have installed the emissions cheating software at the heart of a major global crisis.

According to a statement by the UK unit of the German automaker, the affected models wear the VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda badges and British owners would soon be contacted to have their vehicles fixed. Meanwhile, for those particular customers the issue could run even deeper – as prices for used Volkswagen diesel cars fell in Britain following the company’s acknowledgement it had duped regulators and installed emissions cheating software in 11 million autos around the world, according to a survey by a car valuation tracking guide.

Price data firm Glass’s says the early signs of the impact from the global scandal are already here, with used Volkswagen prices tumbling 2 percent in just four days – while the overall used British market registered a smaller 0.7 percent drop. The scandal also came to augment the pressure on the British car market as the company was looking for even more market share and thus used cars were already easily accessible.

On September 18 the US Environmental Protection Agency announced VW had cheated on diesel emissions tests in the country and about half a million cars were affected by the use of the so-called “defeat” device. The company then admitted to the illegal use and also added about 11 million cars around the world had the received the illegal software tweak, sending the stock down by around a third and wiping off some 20 billion euros off its market value.

Via Reuters


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