UK: BMW new 1-Series pricing announced image

BMW has just announced the pricing for its new 1-Series model in the United Kingdom.

As a challenge for the Audi A3 or Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the new BMW 1-Series was launched and its pricing for the UK auto market is 19.375 pounds.

The new generation of the 1-Series has 30 mm longer wheelbase, stretched to 2690 mm, which is just 70 mm shorter than today’s 3-Series. 21 mm have also been added as rear leg room. The luggage capacity has also been expanded by 30 liters, which is 44 more than what the Ford Focus has to offer and 10 more than the VW Golf.

The new BMW 1-Series is available with exclusively four-cylinder engines and the 1.6 liter unit entry-level, which can also be found on the Mini Cooper, has 136 BHP, while its “bigger cousin”, the 1.8 liter is developing 170 BHP.

Diesel lovers can choose the 2.0 liter engine, which is developing 116 BHP in the 116d version, 143 BHP in the 118d and 184 BHP in the 120d.

The manufacturer says that the 116d model returns 65.7 mpg and has CO2 emissions of 114g/km.

But what can you get for the extra 1.345 pounds of the new 1-Series, compared to the version running the streets already? Well, besides the 1.6 liter and 136 BHP, you get 17mm more girth, 85 mm more length and a cabin which is offering 21 mm of extra leg room.

Customers of the new generation 1-Series will be able to choose from six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmissions, with the car offering rear-wheel drive.