UK: car production back on track in August image

Compared to last year’s August, the U.K. is witnessing a big rise of 40.6% in its car production, with 99,910 cars being manufactured there last month.

Since 2008, the year-to-date output in Britain went up 1.6% and surpassed the one million units mark in the last month of summer.

The numbers were released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), indicating a comeback for the car output in the European state.

The Chief Executive of SMMT, Mike Hawes, said that “The quieter summer months are traditionally subject to fluctuation as production is paused for essential upgrades, and August’s strong growth wasn’t unexpected given the 22.1% fall in the same month last year when the 2014 holiday period fell. The rise also follows a flatter July in line with this year’s earlier scheduled shutdown. That said, with an overall increase of 1.6% so far in 2015 and the strongest year-to-date performance since 2008, the industry is in a good position.”

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Car manufacturing in the U.K. was at it highest back in February 2008 with over 350,000 units produced, reaching its lowest point in September 2009 with just a tad over 200,000 vehicles made. Ever since the beginning of 2012, the car production for the UK market has been on a constant rise, hitting the 300,000 vehicles mark in March 2014.

The total car output in the UK followed a similar pattern with its smallest numbers recorded in October 2009 when the economic crisis began, and having recovered ever since up to present when it reached over 1,500,000 cars manufactured.