UK car sales down 4.2 percent in November image

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) today announced car sales decreased by 4.2 percent in November to 134, 027 units, 5,000 units above forecast.

November results marked the ninth decline this year, although registrations were up in both August and October. “While the November new car market saw a 4.2% dip, the fuel efficiency of new models broke all records with the average new car achieving 52.5mpg,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT CEO.

“Despite the Chancellor delaying the 3p rise in fuel duty, our cost of fuel is still among the highest in Europe, so customers are sure to welcome the 29.3% improvement in new car fuel efficiency over the last 10 years, a demonstration of industry’s commitment to delivering good value to motorists,” Everitt added.

SMMT’s full year 2011 forecast set in September was 1.923 million units. However, the market looks set to better this, ending close to 1.94 million units, after sales have once again exceeded expectations last month.

Supported by the fleet market and consumers investing in industry’s most efficient products, diesel cars achieved a record 55.6% share of the market in November, with alternatively-fuelled cars taking a record 1.6% market share. The Ford Fiesta remained the best selling model in both November and over the year-to-date.