UK: China’s BYD expands electric-car leasing program in London image

Byd Co. has become equally famous for its electric cars as well as the implication of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. holding arm among the Chinese company’s investors.

Now the Chinese automaker has recently announced it secured a deal to further lease 200 units of the e6 electric cars to a London private-car service by April. This is to date the biggest overseas rental contract for the Chinese carmaker. According to emailed responses to questions coming from Bloomberg, Isbrand Ho, managing director of BYD Europe said the company has already delivered 32 of its e6 cars to London-based Thriev, a company that operates a chauffeur service only with electric cars. Without getting into specific details, the Byd official also strongly hinted that the Chinese company aims to secure lucrative deals that would allow exports of e6 cars and electric buses to markets including Chicago and New York in the United States.

Billionaire Chairman Wang Chuanfu initially established BYD as a battery and handset-component supplier, but the company also expanded its business towards the auto sector and started manufacturing electric cars. The final goal of the carmaker is to start exporting its electric models in the US in 2015 – today the company is also famous for providing a fleet of taxi cars to its hometown of Shenzhen, in southern China.

Via Bloomberg