UK: Citroen C1 starts at GBP6,995 image

The French based automaker Citroen has recently announced the starting price for the 2012 C1 in the United Kingdom which has been set at 6, 995 GBP.

According to the car manufacturer, the actual starting price for the new Citroen C1 is actually 7, 995 GBP, for the three-door VT 1.0i version, but all C1 models benefit from a 1,000 GBP “Citroen Reward” until the end of April, which drops the price of the vehicles. Citron says that the entry-level version of the C1 is powered by the 1.0 liter engine which is developing a total output of 68 horsepower, mated to a manual transmission, but in fact, all C1 models are powered by the same engine.

The 2012 Citroen C1 isn’t a new generation of the vehicle, even if the changes seem to be quite significant, and the model can go as a facelift. Citroen says that the 2012 C1 is coming in seven trim levels in the United Kingdom, the 1.0i manual 3-door VT (7,995 GBP), 1.0i manual 5-door (8,345 GBP), 1.0i manual 3-door VTR (8,995 GBP), 1.0i manual 5-door VTR (9,345 GBP), 1.0i 3-door VTR+ (9,685 GBP), 1.0i manual 5-door VTR+ (10,045 GBP) and the 1.0 I EGS 5-door VTR+ (10,545 GBP). The VTR versions are coming with electric front windows, AC and LED daytime running lights as standard while the VTR+ is adding Bluetooth, leather wrapped steering wheel, tinted windows and 14-inch alloy wheels.