UK: “cleantech” initiative sees scrapped cars recycled almost 100% image

The growing “cleantech” sector, which covers eco-conscious businesses across a large portion of the “green” economy, has extended its arm towards the automotive industry in an interesting way.

In the UK, Cleantech Group, a US consultancy, the second in the world when it comes to cleantech start-ups, sees the new technology wanting to enable the well known scrap yards to recycle almost 100% of old cars, essentially revolutionizing the industry. This month in Oldbury, West Midlands, the first step towards that goal is going to be taken with the introduction of the world’s biggest industrial waste gasification factory.

The Oldbury facility, a joint venture between Chinook Sciences and European Metals Recycling, Britain’s biggest scrapper could reach recycling targets of 99%, with the end product being synthetic gas – which, just like natural gas, can be easily converted in electricity.

Back in 2006, the EU set a target for all countries to recycle at least 85% of the scrapped cars, and the British Metals Recycling Association, the industry’s body, says the United Kingdom is already at 88%. With the introduction of the new waste processing plant, the target for next year is of 95%. That’s an important step, considering Great Britain’s scrapping level is of at least one million vehicles per year.

Via Financial Times