UK convertibles rarely drop the roof, survey finds image

A survey conducted by Audi on convertible car owners in the UK has found that nearly two thirds of them never or rarely drop the roof.

More precisely, 64 percent of British convertible owners keep the roof raised, despite the fact that Britain is one of the world’s biggest markets for convertible cars.

So why did they buy a convertible car in the first place? Well, 46 percent of those surveyed said they were convinced more by the exotic looks of their cars than the open driving appeal of a convertible.

According to the same survey, female owners are more likely to drop the top on their convertibles than men, with 39 percent of women saying they almost always drive with their car open. Only 32 percent of the men questioned said the same thing.

Also, only 17 percent of the women polled said they never open their roof at all, while the percentage of men who drive with the tops up was 27 percent. Drivers most likely to drive with the roof down are 25 to 34 years old and those residing in the East Midlands, the survey found. Of course, rainy weather is an important factor, but still, that doesn’t affect sales of convertible cars in the UK.